Training Trends in 2019 - A Review

Training Trends in 2019 - A Review

As technology is taking over the workforce, every individual feels the urge to be involved with the newest ways of "getting things  done". Keeping up with the progress is never cheap; it takes time, commitment and effort to excel one branch and to be able to be a frontier you must boost your game up with training, conferences and online studies of your own expertise. In this brave new world. it is very important toadopt the evolving trends and technology to be successful and lasting.

What Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chance in The Sector? 

The contribution of Al has probably been the most important topic in the learning field in 2019. Personalized learning got the most advantage of af AI - creating tailored content in artificial intelligence courses for every individual attendee in their own correct pathways in the learning progress. 

Now we see clearly that the future of companies lies within their ability to handle, analyze and learn from the big data. Cybersecurity companies offer new courses almost every week for updated policies. The population gets more and more crowded each year gifting the professionals with new challenges to conquer. Big data comes from multiple sources such as LCMS, LMS, Surveys/Polls, Assessments, Portals. With those in mind Big-Data reporting and analytics is our first helper while optimizing and enhancing training delivery, and this has been an important trend in 2019. Keeping all the data safe is the modern saying for "Knights! Hold the fortress!".

In 2019 the race in the IT field has become more vicious than any other improving field. With the CISCO stepping in, the IT professionals smelled the new opportunities as it started to spread; hence, we did observe a dramatic yet expected increase in CISCO related training courses.

Pick Your Potion for 2020 from the 2019 Point of View

We have listed the trending courses of 2019 below; enjoy the list while planning your 2020 training schedule. Remember, in today's fast-paced world a toolbox full of skills is the toolbox you will be needing for glorious victories.

GSM UMTS LTE System Overview
SIP Advanced
GPON FTTx Training
CISCO Related Training Courses